North Parkersburg Baptist Turns 100

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It was an anniversary for the ages for members at North Parkersburg Baptist as the church turned the big one-double-oh Sunday.

"Happy Anniversary North Parkersburg Baptist!"

The milestone moment excited the group, making them feel proud to be apart of a church they call home.

"This church itself, being a member of a church family is very satisfying and it enriches your life in so many ways," says Susan Naylor, a 30 year church member at North Parkersburg Baptist.

"I feel really blessed and honored to be here for the 100th anniversary cause it's just a cool experience to see how our church is growing and handling all this," added Halee McPherson.

The celebration included singing, eating cake, and friendly conversation.

Since 1913, North Parkersburg's following has always showed their loyalty to the church by honoring god and everyone around them.

"The legacy that they're leading for the people that come behind them is really the example of a life style of caring for people and serving people and making a difference in people's lives in the name of Jesus," says North Parkersburg Baptist Church Pastor, Mike Towner.

Long time members of the church shared their memories.

"I remember when I first came here to North, it was a couple of years before I started in ministry here being on staff at and I just watched it grow. We just have so many wonderful different ministries over the years," replied Parkersburg North Baptist Church member of 35 years, Susie Meredith.

With the major milestone making its mark at North Parkersburg, members would like the church to keep serving the lord for another 100 years.

"The future of this church is about addressing the brokenness in the valley that exist, people that are lost spiritually that are hurting relationally," Towner said.