Northwest Territory Murals

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The Northwest Territory Murals have called Marietta City Hall home since 1938. Now they have a temporary home at Campus Martius Museum for all to enjoy.

It's a long-term temporary home while City Hall undergoes renovation. The plan is to return the murals in 2015 when the work is complete.

The whole valley can take in the historical significance of Marietta with this new exhibit of murals.

“It's been a great project,” says Mayor Joe Matthews. “These murals were in the City Hall for many, many years and we are going to be undergoing a restoration work in City Hall and we needed to get them out of City Hall to preserve them. The People's Bank was approached and said they would be happy to do the funding to get 'em restored.”

Matthews says the murals depict the history of Marietta from way back when.

He says that's why they're so important and of course Marietta is all about history – as the oldest city settled in the Northwest Territory.

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