Not The First, Not The Last

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It was a busy night and early morniing for West Virginia road crews as snow began at nightfall Wednesday and continued, off and on, into Thursday morning.

But it wasn't as much the depth of the snow that kept them busy, as much as it was the consistent snowfall.

"A little bit more of it came down than we expected," says Curtis Richards, Wood County Highway Administrator, West Virginia Department of Transportation, "but we were ready for it. All of our trucks were running, they were all on our roads treating."

But it was enough to close Wood County Schools, for the first time in two years. The school system didn't use any of its alloted closing days in 2012, thanks to a mild winter. Until Thursday, however, Wood County had been running on two-hour delays this week.

"Today was one we were really trying to get in," says Assistant Superintendent Sue Woodward. "We try to get the students in school. But we knew there was a slight chance, depending on whether it was 6:15 or 6:45, that we might have to close."

It was not the first sight of snowfall this year, however, and it isn't expected to be the last.

"They're talking about another storm tomorrow sometime," Richards said late Thursday morning. "We're waiting for it."

But while winter has made a return this year, don't expect everyone to celebrate. This time, it's back to stay.

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