Voter Registration Deadline Passes in West Virginia

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Updated 10/16/2012 5:50 P.M.

In West Virginia, Tuesday was the deadline to sign up to cast ballots in the November 6th general election.

In-person registration ended Tuesday, while mailed applications had to be postmarked that date.

At the Wood County clerk's office, 250 people signed up to vote in the past week, and requests for absentee ballots are three times what they were for the May primary.

County-wide, Republicans outnumber Democrats, but only slightly.

And, in line with a statewide trend, there's a growing number of people who aren't calling themselves a member of either political party.

"Wood County has always been a 50-50 county," according to County Clerk Jamie Six. "The 'No Party' (meaning voters declaring no party affiliation) has actually been increasing, with a lot of people not picking either party. That being said, Republicans have almost 900 more voters in Wood County than the Democrats."

Early in-person voting begins October 24 and lasts until November 3. That early voting period includes two saturdays.

In Wood County, as it has been in previous early voting, that's at the Donald F. Black annex in downtown Parkersburg.

Early voting at four community sites begins October 30th.

Just over 3,600 of the West Virginia's 1.2 million registered voters returned absentee ballots by Tuesday.

Republicans cast a greater portion of those ballots than their share of the state's voter rolls. Statewide, Democrats continue to outnumber GOP voters by close to 2-1.


Updated 10/10/2012 6:20 P.M.

Tuesday was the last day for voter registration in Ohio for the November sixth election, and, in Washington County, it was a busy day.

Once all mail-in applications are counted, 400 new voters could be added to those registered already.

Washington County has close to 43,000 registered voters...with half that number considered "un-affiliated" in terms of party status.

"I believe the breakdown at this time, based on the primary election in March, is about 9,000 Republican affiliates," says elections director Tara Hupp, "and about 4,500 to 5,000 Democratic-affiliated voters...that's in the whole county."

And, one week into early voting, 5,100 have showed up to vote so far. That's nearly half the entire total for the 2008 presidential election.
Updated: 10/01/2012 6:15 P.M.

Voting rights groups and the Obama administration have challenged Secretary of State Jon Husted's decision to end early voting on the last Friday before the election. But that's mostly not what the Washington County Board of Elections has been getting calls about.

"( They're) interested in when it begins," says Tara Hupp, Elections Board Director. "There are some people who believe it's at their precinct, when, in fact, early voting is in the baord of elections office in the courthouse."

Aside from the presidential race, Washington County also has several contested county offices and issues, including the latest try by Warren Local Schools to approve a levy and bond issue, which traditionally has led to large turnouts in that district.

One sign it might be a busy election season is the number of requests the election board has received for absentee ballots.

"In the past, we have voted in the office maybe 3,000 people, perhaps, is a high number," Hupp says. "But we expect more than that. We expect to be above 10,000 absentee voters in our county."

1.7 million Ohioans-or about 30% of the state's registered voters-cast early ballots in the 2008 election.


Wood County Clerk's office says for West Virginia:

October 16 - last date to register to vote or change party affiliation.
October 24 - Early Voting begins

Washington County Board of Elections says Ohio's upcoming dates:

October 2nd - Early voting begins
October 9th - Voter registration/changes ends.
Absentee ballot application sent out to all registered voters on August 31.

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