ODOT Introduces New Multi-platform Website

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It's a new way for Ohio drivers to watch for accidents, construction and other delays.

The Ohio Department of Transportation launched a new website Tuesday.

It's called Ohgo.com.

It's designed for multiple devices including cell phones, tablets, and computers.

"To provide motorists with real time travel information. We use state of the art technology throughout Ohio on Ohio's roadways in order to provide that information," ODOT Press Secretary, Steve Faulkner says.

ODOT hopes the website will help drivers spend less on gas and get to their destination safely.

"We're providing this tool as a way to save motorists time and money. You're sitting in traffic, you're wasting motor fuel. That's more money you have to spend at gasoline at the pump and when you're sitting in traffic you're away from your family."

The website is in it's beginning phases, and ODOT hopes to provide motorists with even more tools on the go.

"Looking at highway traffic speeds. Those are interstate's state routes and us routes throughout Ohio. Traffic times from one location to another. You can actually map out where you are and where you want to go and how long it's going to take you to get there."

To check out the website, click on the hot button.

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