ODOT, Marietta College Students Clean Up After The Storm

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It's not often the mall closes, or a college campus.

But that's what happened Monday at Marietta College.

Still, the students helped shovel out the campus.

As the day progressed, the Ohio Department of Transportation says the main roads in the area were cleared, including Route 50, Interstate 77 and streets in Marietta.

They worked diligently all day and continued Monday night to make sure they are safe.

ODOT started at 6 pm Sunday.

They say this is the biggest accumulation storm to date this year and because of that they tandem plowed Monday, laying three to four plows across the road to get the snow cleared out.

The city used this method Monday as well.

"It's very efficient, we don't do it very often....but given the precipitation we've had, our goal is to get the snow off the roads as soon as possible," says ODOT spokesman David Rose.

Also Marietta College students were the Pioneer plows Monday, as the college was fully closed.

They volunteered their time all over campus and the surrounding roads.

Rose says ODOT had around 24 snow plows out and about still working on the roads Monday afternoon.

Their plan is to keep stocking up the salt and sand.

Rose says their plan of action Monday was to tackle the roads and keep people safe.

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