OH AG Seeks Funding for Future Meth Lab Clean-Up Efforts

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Ohio's Attorney General says he'll meet next week with local, state and federal officials to figure out ways to pay for cleaning up meth labs should federal funding for such work dry up.

Right now, the DEA cleans up hazardous waste left behind by the drug manufacturing operations, but the agency says money for that was expected to run out last week and future funding is up to congress.

Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine says he's secured about $66,000 to temporarily continue clean up efforts in the state.

Still, Washington County officials worry about what will happen after that.

"At that point in time if we have a meth lab and that funding's dried up, it falls on the agency who's investigating it."

Cleaning up a meth lab costs an average of $1,800. Last year three meth labs disbanded in Washington County.

Statewide, About $500,000 was used throughout 2010 for lab clean-up.

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