OSHP Looks For More Community Assistance

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New shield programs throughout Ohio are designed to help the Ohio State Highway Patrol keep roads safe and eliminate crime.

Currently in the larger cities, truck drivers are being trained voluntarily to recognize suspicious activity. Now, the OSHP plans to bring that program to communities across the state.

Highway Patrol personnel would meet with the volunteers showing them what to look for and how to report the activity.

"But we're going to have voluntary meetings with the communities that will be set up," says OSHP Sgt. Matt Boyd, "volunteers can come in and we'll have about an hour training block on what they can look for or how to report things and we never ask anyone to become involved in trying to apprehend, we don't want anyone to put themselves in jeopardy but it'll just be a way of identifying and reporting."

Training dates haven't been set yet.

With or without training, you can help law enforcement by dialing #-6-7-7 if you see anything suspicious.

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