OSHP Sees Increase in Drug Arrests

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A 30 percent increase in drug arrests across Ohio. The Ohio State Highway Patrol is relying more on the training and the public to find illegal drugs.

Comparing to the same time last year-- the patrol has had a 107 percent increase in marijuana found, but that's not the biggest increase. The amount of heroin found has increased 302 percent.

Troopers say they have been working with their local agencies along with more experience.

"We attribute it to our people being more trained, and we have more drug dogs, we now have 24 drug dogs across the state and we do what we call shield details where we saturate certain areas for generally a 2 to 3 day period to show a presence, says Ohio State Highway Patrol Sargent Matt Boyd.

The Patrol says they have also seen more arrests thanks to the anonymous tips. They rely on the you to report suspicious activity by dialing pound-6-7-7

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