OVU Students Invited To Inaugural Events In Washington

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Seeing the presidential inauguration first hand. Two Ohio Valley University students and their professor traveled to Washington, DC this week to catch all the action.

Students, Harley Gadomski and Kayla Keidel were invited to attend the Washington Center's presidential seminars this week.

With them, the schools VP for Academic Affairs, Dr. Jim Bullock. He says they participated in a number of events throughout the week, including seeing the president's inauguration Monday morning.

"For the students, I think it was a really special time because they were able to study the inauguration. The Washington Center does a seminar every January revolving around either the presidency or the congress. For ten days they have been studying about the presidential campaign and the role of the media and the history of presidential inaugurations. They got a thorough introduction and history and background."

The students were also able to attend a lecture from a White House historian where they were featured on CSPAN.

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