Obesity Gradually Declining

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New numbers are in... kid's health is improving here at home.

The health department released a survey and says obesity is seeing a drop.

Numbers are encouraging, just not at the rate being shown in the survey; it's a gradual decline.

The health department says trend data over the course of five to ten years would paint a more accurate picture.

"There's a lot of press right now around this one-year drop in childhood obesity and I would caution people not to read too much into that," says Dr. Richard Wittberg, executive director of the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department. "You get strange things happening over just a one-year basis. I'd prefer to see something that went on for several more years showing that kind of a drop."

Wittberg says it's important we don't become complacent because obesity is a complicated issue linked to a host of medical problems.

Kids who are obese tend to grow up to be adults who are obese.

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