Obesity Rates Grow, West Virginia And Ohio In Top 20 Fattest States

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32.2% and 29.6 %-- the number of obese adults in West Virginia and Ohio. Both the Buckeye and Mountain State-- among the top 20 fattest states in the nation.

Officials say the large numbers and waistlines are a result of the environment we live in.

"We have created an environment where- if we as individuals do not make a conscious healthy choice- then we will in the short term become obese and in the long term will develop chronic disease and early death," says Court Witschey with the Washington County Health Department.

Witschey says the obesity numbers will not right themselves. Everyone will have to make personal changes to see improvements and every little change for a healthier life helps ion the long run.

"Every little bit helps. For individuals who need to change the way they live and change the culture they live in- we recommend small steps. We cannot change the environment all at once."

Witschey adds the main thing to remember when looking to change your health and weight is the same thing that health professionals have been saying all along: eat right, eat the right amount, and get moving.

"We need to start eating nutritious foods. We need to decrease our portion sizes. As far as exercise goes, we need to realize that if we as individuals do not make a conscious effort to move more we will be obese and we will be sick."

Following these tips will help reduce obesity rates and make a healthier tomorrow.

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