Teen Drivers Are Urged To Obey The Speed Limit

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The Ohio State Highway Patrol is urging teens to obey the speed limit.

Teens who drive too fast risk serious injury or death in a crash.

In 2011, young drivers, ages 16-25 caused 37% of nearly 125-thousand speed related wrecks.

Ohio State Highway Patrol along with the Ohio High School Athletic Association formed a teen driver safety program called "You Are In Control".

It teaches teens the consequences of dangerous driving and reinforces safety, responsibility and awareness.

"It gives them a better idea what's expected of them when they get behind the wheel. You go to the driving classes, we talk to parents, you do some of that other stuff but still, you can never stress enough, this is one of the number one killers of young people in our state and our county," says Sergent Garic Warner.

Improper lane change and passing along with driving off the road were the second leading causes of fatal crashes in 2011.

Teen motorists age 16-25 received the most speeding citations at nearly 30%.

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