UPDATE: Flood Waters Are Still Unsafe To Drive Through

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Update 03/13/2011 10:14pm

Water on roadways has been causing traffic head-aches for motorists on both sides of the river.

Another main thoroughfare in Marietta took on water Sunday and drivers on Pike Street were slowed significantly because of it.

Now, officials are urging everyone to find an alternative route when water is blocking you from your destination.

Capt. Waite says "Well, the safety factor is why we don't want people driving through it," says Capt. Jeff Waite with the Marietta Police Department. "It doesn't take a whole lot of water to flood a vehicle, stall a vehicle out, and then you're in trouble if you're stuck in the middle of it."

Capt. Waite adds that although it may seem like an inconvenience, he will close streets down if it will protect motorists.
With every ones eyes on the river levels it's easy to see why some people may want to get a closer look at the water, but medical officials are urging everyone to stay out of flood waters.

Authorities say not only are flood waters unpredictable and dangerous for safety, they can also be hazardous to your health.

Officials with the Health Department say they work in schools to make sure kids and their parents know to stay out of flood waters.

"Standing water can be associated with water born illness. There are organisms like giardia, campylobacter can be transmitted through stagnate water," says Patrick Burke, Regional Epidemiologist of the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department. "So, we do public health surveillance in schools and outreach with health care providers for outbreaks of G.I. illness associated with floods."

Another illness associated with flooding is tetanus. Burke says this is most common when individuals are cleaning up and can get cut by rusted metal.

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