Officials Discuss Alcohol, Drugs at Marietta College

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You're never too old to learn, or relearn.

And Tuesday, some local law enforcement and bartenders were doing just that.

The Ohio Investigation Unit came to Marietta College Tuesday for an hour long session on alcohol sales.

Focusing on how to not serve minors or over serve customers, as well as Ohio laws to keep your safe as a bartender.

Officials looked into how they deal with alcohol and drugs on the Marietta College campus.

"Me and my officers do community policing events in all the residence halls, we do those once a month," says Marietta College Police Chief Jim Weaver. "Part of that is alcohol education. Like I said, I believe that education is a big part of correcting the problem or being a part of the solution is giving that education."

The sheriff's department also spoke about heroin and opiate addiction in the county.

Officials say it's not just about enforcing the law - it comes down to education and prevention.

The Right Path of Washington County hosted the event.

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