Officials React to Possible Voter Intimidation

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In a highly contested presidential election, tempers are flaring and accusations of voter fraud and faulty machinery are already at the heart of controversy.

Every vote counts in this election, especially in what some expect to be tight local races. And that's why even one case of voter intimidation is one case too many.

A man claims he got a call from the Wood County Clerk's Office urging him to vote Wednesday. He says the caller claimed due to a high volume of voters republicans will vote on Tuesday and democrats on Wednesday.

This is the only complaint the clerk's office has heard about the situation, but Wood County Clerk Jamie Six says it's something they take very seriously.

"We take that very seriously, that anyone try to do any kind of voter intimidation. So we immediately contacted the prosecutor's office and the prosecutor, Jason, was able to talk to the individual also. So these are things that we want to hear about, we will investigate and you know you hear of things happening in other towns and other places in the country and we're just not going to allow it to get started here in Wood County," says Six.

The prosecutor's office will be open during voting hours on election day for anyone who wants to file a complaint. That number is 304-424-1776. Since early voting they haven't received many complaints, but the goal is to have a smooth and fair election process.

Jamie Six met this complaint head on and immediately contacted Wood County Prosecutor Jason Wharton. So while the reported incident does raise concerns officials are reacting to the situation and doing everything in their power to find the source of this alleged call.

Jamie Six wants to reiterate that polling stations are open Tuesday for all registered voters who have yet to cast their ballot.

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