Hunting Season Begins In Ohio

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Updated: 11/26/2012 6:35 P.M.

Ohio's deer hunting season is now under way, but don't expect lines of hunters waiting to check their deer.

In fact, the state department of natural resources says about 420,000 hunters are expected to take part this year.

But in Ohio, hunters are able to check their deer harvest on-line, rather than in person.

"Most people check the deer online or over the phone, so we don't have nearly the amount of deer or traffic we have had in years past," says Fred Brooker, owner of the Pit Stop Hardware, a checking station north of Marietta. "Just people getting extra tags for deer and stuff."

The DNR's Division of Wildlife says the hunting week will run through December second, with an an extra weekend of hunting the 15th and 16th.


Update: 11/20/2012 6:50 P.M.

The first area fatality of the hunting season is not the result of a hunting accident.

73-year old Joe Clayton died of a heart attack while hunting Monday night.

It happened while clayton and some family members were on Hazelgreen road in Ritchie County.

The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources says it happened around 6:30 p-m.

Accidents of other kinds often happen during hunting season.

Hunters are reminded to wear at least 400 square inches of blaze orange...or the size of a vest.

But the biggest safety concern, according to the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, is people falling from a tree stand.

"The four critical times you're going to get hurt from falling from a tree stand are climbing the tree, getting into and out of the stand, and climbing back down," says Capt. David Trader, Natural Resources Police Officer. "Those are the times people don't use the restraint systems. Consequently, people get injured or killed every year because of it."

The firearm buck season began Monday, and continues until December first.


Some hunters start out very young. Colton Parsons is nine years old, and already has been out hunting for four years. On the season's first day, he got a nine-point buck.

"I've gotten a doe and a six-point," he said, "last year and the year before."

Buck season, and Thanksgiving week, add up to a big week for several of the local deer checking stations. That's because they're located in convienence stores which, year-round, sell coffee and snacks.

"We like it when they come in and spend a couple of minutes with us," says Beth Ann Pifer, co-owner, Pifer's BP. "They can buy candy bars. We like it when people come in to check a deer, maybe get a hot dog or a pop, maybe fill up their tank with gas."

And, in Mineral Wells, there's a bonus for both hunters and businesses. As if it were timed that way, the new route 14 bridge opened late last week.

"It makes everything nice," says hunter Zeb Hutton. "A short stroke instead of going around the corner. It's nice having it open."

"We got the bridge open, we got the new road," Pifer says, "and people have said some very nice things, absolutely."

Due to its early start this year, there are more deer out there-which points to a very successful hunting season in West Virginia.

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