Ohio Among Top States for Meth Lab Seizures

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Meth labs are a growing problem across the country -- Washington County and Ohio are no different.

A new report ranks Ohio among the top states for seized meth labs last year.

It takes the fourth spot, as authorities uncovered more than 1,000 labs, chemicals and glassware used in the drug's cooking process.

The top state is Indiana, followed by Tennessee and Missouri.

Missouri Highway Patrol compiled the report, based on numbers from the National Clandestine Laboratory Seizure System.

Ohio jumped from seventh in the rankings in 2012.

West Virginia recorded 67 meth lab busts in 2013.

“The number of meth labs have increased because they're quicker,” says Sheriff Larry Mincks. “If you are an addict and you need meth you're going to make some and then you're going to use part of it and you're going to sell part of it.”

Mincks says that's why there have been more seizures. As a result, if they get one guy, he may actually have had four labs -- because they tracked him here, there and everywhere.

And the amount of return that users get on meth has increased.
Before, it would take all these ingredients to go into a meth lab and they might come out with two or three grams.

But recently his office seized close to a pound from one operation.

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