Ohio Board of Ed Ok's Seclusion Room Policy

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The Ohio Board of Education passed a seclusion room policy and one local school district is weighing in.

Belpre Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Tony Dunn says structure and guidelines are generally good if they are effective.

According to Dunn, the fact that we need to have a method of seclusion and/or restraint for some students begs for guidelines and structures so we can find out what works and standardize that across the industry.

"Anytime the State Board of Education gives us guidance on how to deal with difficult situations that's a good thing," Dunn says. "Obviously seclusion and restraint is a hot topic in our country right now, but it's also a very important topic."

Dunn says handling kids who have such difficulties that they have to be restrained or secluded is very serious and public schools do not take it lightly.

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