Ohio Child Vaccination Proposal

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It's the only state in the nation that doesn't require kids entering preschool and daycare to be vaccinated.

Two Ohio lawmakers want to change that.

Representatives Nickie Antonio and Ryan Smith propose House Bill 536, legislation to ensure more children are immunized earlier.

It comes on the heels of recent mumps and measles outbreaks.

Since January, health officials have identified 330 cases of mumps in 15 counties, while measles reaches 66 cases statewide.

Teacher Joni Turner, from Bundles of Joy Day-Care and Pre-School in Belpre, thinks the legislation is important.

"Because there are a lot of communicable diseases and vaccinations can prevent a lot," she says. "It's important for all the children so you know, they're all vaccinated and they're all healthy."

As a parent of a three-year-old herself, Turner understands the urgency of passing this bill.

Especially when deadly diseases like mumps and measles once nearly wiped out, are making a frightening comeback.

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