Ohio Family Incomes

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Policy Matters Ohio report today says working people in Ohio are not making enough to support the basic needs of their family..

Reports in Cleveland say the estimated household cost of living with 2 adults and 2 children is around $62,000, however for two full-time minimum wage workers they are only bringing in around $32,000.

Here in Washington county we see a lot of food pantry's and families on food assistant programs, just to get by.

Director of the Washington County Department of Job and Family Services, Tom Ballengee says they see high numbers of people every day.

The food assistance program there helps out thousands here in Washington County. The medical assistance program they have is helping around 10,000 people in the county.

"What we are seeing is about 8,000 people in our county that are receiving food assistance and those numbers have been pretty steady over the past year which is a little surprising. Normally through the summer time those numbers drop due to seasonal employment and they go up in the winter time. What we are seeing now is a steady, with very little drop in it," said Tom Ballengee, Director of the Washington County Department of Job and Family Services.

Ballengee says that Washington County's unemployment rate is actually lower than the 8 surrounding counties, however because of many minimum wage jobs the area offers, it still keeps people under that certain income level.

"There are jobs out there, it just depends on what kind of job you are looking for. There is very few of those high dollar jobs out there, we see a lot of industry, service industry type positions and those type of jobs are there, people just need to go look for them," said Ballengee.

With services available around the county there is help for everyone, however Policy Matter's officials say there needs to be a clear investment in our workforce to insure families can afford basic living necessities.

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