Ohio Focuses on Problem of Elder Abuse

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It's sickening to think about but it happens all the time.

Elder abuse.

This is someone 60 or older who is physically, sexually, verbally and emotionally abused.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announces a new program called the Elder Justice Initiative, helping to increase the investigation and prosecution of elder abuse cases across Ohio.

Authorities say this is a serious problem and a serious offense that often gets over looked.

A lot of the problem sometimes is that it's hard to catch and some times is self-inflicted.

At Washington County Job and Family Services, the adult protective services says they see an up swing recently.

Right now on average they are working on ten to fifteen cases a month.

Not all of them and almost none actually end up with prosecution, with the sheriff's office only having 12 cases in the past four years.

Protective services says there are a lot of factors going into that.

Experts say it's tough because elderly people can say no to services.

They also may not want to prosecute a family member.

And financial exploitation is a big one, as older children move back in with their parents.

Anyone in the community can make a report about abuse, neglect or exploitation of an elderly person.

Just by calling you could be calling about a family member or a neighbor.

And officials stress how important that call may be.

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