Ohio Governor Candidate Visits Marietta

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Ohio's Democratic candidate for governor, Ed Fitzgerald, was in Marietta Saturday and spoke with us about his plans, should he be elected into office.

Supporters gathered Saturday afternoon at a home to welcome Fitzgerald as he spoke not only about his ideas and plans for the State of Ohio but also for the Mid-Ohio Valley.

"We haven't added jobs in this state in over a year. We need to get our economy moving again for regular people in this state, working people in this state. We got to have an open mind and open ears and say, 'what do you need and how can government partner with you?'," he says. "I'm a supporter of the coal industry and actually having a lot of conversations with the United Mine Workers. We've had some policies out of Columbus that I don't think have been very friendly to the energy industry."

Fitzgerald plans to be in Marietta again as he finishes visting all of the 88 counties in Ohio.

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