Ohio Gubernatorial Candidate Stops in Marietta on Election Day

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One of the men who wants to be Ohio's next governor returned to Marietta Tuesday.

Cuyahoga County Commissioner Ed FitzGerald is running against Larry Ealy from Dayton.

Voters will decide which Democrat gubernatorial candidate will be on the ballot opposite governor John Kasich in November.

FitzGerald was on the back-half of a statewide tour Tuesday night.

Earlier, he met with supporters at the Thrive Cafe coffee shop on Front Street.

Marietta was the fifth stop of the day's campaign.

FitzGerald spoke one-on-one with voters, including Mayor Joe Matthews.

He says it's a great way to spend quality time with the public.

"It's really important for elected officials not be in a bubble. They need to talk with regular Ohio families. Find out what's on their mind. What are they struggling with? What's going well? What isn't going well? What are their challenges?," said FitzGerald.

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