Ohio Issue 1 Provides Funding for Infrastructure Needs

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Ohio voters Tuesday approved the renewal of a public works program for upgrades to roads, bridges and other local infrastructure needs.

State Issue 1.

With funding for those maintenance projects dropping at the state level, the program helps rural areas, including the ten-county area served by the Buckeye Hills Regional Development District.

One project is a recent half-million dollar improvement project in Washington County.

"It originally passed in 1987, and renewed in 2005," says Bret Allphin, development director at Buckeye Hills. "This is a renewal of existing money that was already in place, so it shouldn't be new taxes. It's money that was already in place when it was up for a vote."

Allphin says in the 25 years it's been around, the program funded projects totaling more than $93 million in improvements for Washington, Morgan, Noble and Athens Counties.

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