Ohio Medicare Enrollment Deadline

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A friendly reminder for seniors and the disabled in Ohio.

Time is running out if you're looking for Medicare coverage, or switching plans.

The open enrollment period gives beneficiaries a chance to review their health and prescription drug coverage.

Caretakers of local seniors say benefits and costs in plans can change from one year to the next, so consumers should check how those factors impact coverage.

"Basically it's the same thing as shopping around for car insurance. Which if a person has a computer they can do it themselves or they can come in and speak with myself," says Rhonda Rathburn, with Meigs County Council on Aging. "I would have their Medicare card. I would put that in to the Medicare.Gov program to see if the plans that they're on at that time are cheaper."

Any changes in coverage will take effect New Year's Day.

Open enrollment ends Saturday.

Find a link to the Medicare website to the right.

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