Ohio Pharmacists to Administer MMR Vaccine

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Beginning Wednesday a vaccine fighting the largest outbreak of measles in 20 years comes to a pharmacy here at home.

Fruth Pharmacy in Belpre says bringing the MMR vaccine to their store is one of the best ways to stop measles, mumps and rubella.

Monday in Columbus, Governor Kasich signed an executive order allowing licensed pharmacists to provide the vaccine to adults.

Before that, it wasn't allowed to be administered by pharmacists.

"You had to go to your doctor's office. A lot of people don't like to go to their doctor's office. They don't like to get vaccines," says Chris Border, a pharmacist with Fruth Pharmacy. "Being available in a pharmacy, it increases the availability for patients. This is a public safety concern. That's why the governor did this. He wants to allow patients to get the vaccine."

The CDC says the measles outbreak is the largest since 1994.

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