Ohio Poll Worker Training

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A big election coming this fall.

And the state of Ohio is requiring specific training for poll workers.

Secretary of State Jon Husted is mandating training before the fall election, regardless of previous experience.

Husted says election boards will have access to $760,000 in grants to help offset training costs.

Washington County says they already continuously train.

"And the primary election election this year was the first time the poll workers had the electronic poll books for a primary election which was kind of different too. So we trained again here in May, for the May election also, so we train pretty often here in Washington County," says Peggy Byers, with the Washington County Board of Elections.

Workers will go through problem solving scenerios for the day of the election.

Byers says she agrees this is a very important election and the poll workers should be prepared for everything.

She says Washington County needs more poll workers for this year's election.

If you want to be one, call the board of elections at (740) 374-6828.

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