Ohio Proposal Would Allow Hunters to Use Silencers on Guns

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Some Ohio lawmakers support quieter methods of hunting.

Earlier this week, the House passed a bill allowing silencers on firearms.

That bill now sits on the Senate floor.

It would allow Ohio hunters to use silencers while hunting certain birds and other wild game like squirrels, rabbits and deer.

Supporters say silencers protect hearing and prevent gunshot noise from bothering neighbors.

But opponents say quieter weapons are easier to use illegally and more dangerous.

"If I'm hunting in a stand of trees and 50 yards away someone else is in another stand, I want to be able to hear them so I can get out of there if they're shooting," says Carl Balderson, Jr., owner of Carl's Pawn Shop.

According to experts, the noise suppressors reduce the sound about 30 decibels.

Thirty states, including West Virginia now allow hunting with silencers.

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