Ohio Tanning Proposal

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We all know the warnings of indoor tanning, but many are overlooking it - mainly teens.

But there could soon be some new regulations in Ohio.

A bill is proposed making parents come in for tanning sessions with kids younger than 16.

Parents would have to stay at the tanning salon for the entire tanning session.

It would be a big change in current restrictions but some local tanning salons say if the law does pass, it won't hurt their business.

"We've taken that precaution since the beginning. This place has been around for 20 years. I think that put people at ease. People - well, kids, can't come in without permission and tan," says Rochelle Martin, tanning consultant.

If this new law does pass, there will be more restrictions on the amount of time and number of sessions for tanners who are minors.

And for now it's all up to the Ohio state Senate.

They'll vote on the potential law in the upcoming months.

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