Ohio Turnpike Will Not Be Leased

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The Ohio Trucking Association (OTA) got a big break Thursday.

Governor John Kasich decided not to lease the Ohio Turnpike.

He said that a proposal will be made to raise over $1.5 billion in bonds to fund local road projects.

Rates at the turnpike will not increase for the next ten years on local trips paid for with an EZ pass.

OTA believes the turnpike is too great an asset to turn over to an outside company for lease or purchase.

The trucking company thinks Governor Kasich has made the best decision for all travelers in the buckeye state.

"It's an excellent one, it's one that our trade organization, the Ohio Trucking Association has been strongly in favor of. We've seen several of our fellow states lease out their turnpikes and lots of times, foreign companies have been ended up owning them," says Merchants Five Star President, Jeff Starner.

Governor Kasich's plan will retain jobs and the Ohio Turnpike Commission as a public entity.

90 percent of the proceeds from bond sales would go to northern Ohio projects including the turnpike.

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