Ohio U.S. Senate Candidate Visits Marietta

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He faces a well known name in Ohio politics but the current State Treasurer believes he can beat Sherrod Brown. Republican Josh Mandel is running against US Senator Sherrod Brown.

Mandel has made multiple visits to southeastern Ohio, particularly Washington County. Today he visits Caron-- learning what makes them strong.

Mandel says with local companies, like Caron, he believes Marietta and the entire county can lead economic recovery for Ohio and the entire country.

"A lot of politicians in Washington think the federal government is the answer, I happen to think that Washington is the problem. As a United State Senator I'm going to get Washington out of the way so that blue collar workers, small business owners, manufacturers can release their own ingenuity, intelligence, hard work to create and grow jobs here throughout the Marietta area," says Treasurer Mandel.

Mandel says it's southeastern Ohio's tradition of manufacturing and the opportunities with oil, gas and natural resources that can make an impact.

"I think the problems in Washington are from both parties," continues Treasurer Mandel. "Both democrats and republicans over many decades have led us down there and the only way to change Washington is to change the people we send there. When I go to Washington, I'm going to stand up to political bosses on both sides of the aisle to do what best for my boss. My boss is the 11.5 million people in the State of Ohio."

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