Oktoberfest Beer Garden

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One local restaurant and retail store was the place to be on this sunny Sunday afternoon for the first ever Oktoberfest Beer Garden.

People came out to the House of Wines in Marietta tasting about 40 different types of beer including a huge selection of pumpkin ales and ciders.

There was also a fall farmers market, pork and cabbage sandwiches and a pumpkin carving contest for the kids.

And what's an Oktoberfest without beer tasting?

"I think as of now, everybody's having a good time, I sure am. I plan on doing this again next year, expanding it a little bit and taking some suggestions from some of the people here today," says House of Wines Owner, Sally Oliver.

Samuel Adams, Woodchuck Hard Cider and Kentucky Pumpkin Barrel ale were among the beverages being served at this year's Oktoberfest Beer Garden.

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