Oliver Luck Gives Youth Football a Heads Up

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One past NFL quarterback and WVU's current Athletic Director Oliver Luck is giving young football players a heads up; in concussion safety that is.
Luck says this is the pilot summer for the heads up curriculum that teaches volunteer youth coaches the fundamentals of football in a safe way, after many parents concern with concussions and the sport.

The coaching staff of the North Parkersburg Ramblers has gone through the curriculum. and luck was able to motivate and answer questions from the team before their practice today.

He says the earlier you can learn a fundamental skill the more of a habit it becomes.

Luck said, "There is a desire to make sure kids know how to properly tackle, properly block, carry the ball and all those things that football players do and then take the head out of the game, so parents can rest assured that their kids are not going to come back every game, every practice or every game with a concussion."

Luck adds that he wants to ensure football remains a healthy, vibrant, safe game.