Olympic Dreams Abound in Vienna

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We have future olympians in the making right in our own backyard and the girls are not only thrilled but motivated by the USA girls gymnastics team winning gold.

Gymniks Gym in Vienna has many competitive athletes that have their sights set on a college scholarship in gymnastics or the elite level... on the track to the Olympics.

"These kids train hours, they've given up many activities and sacrifice a lot but with the hopes that eventually one day the Olympic gold would be something that they would be able to win," says Gymniks owner Nikki Thompson.

Gymniks offers recreational and competitive gymnastics from tots to 18-year-olds.

When they recognize a talented child, Thompson says you want to cultivate that talent but the sport is not for everyone competitively.

On the recreational level, any child participating in the sport will reap major benefits in the future.

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