One Team, One Dream Making History

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Winning a state title. That's a dream the Warren High School basketball team hopes to make a reality.

Students and faculty members took time out of their studies to wish their beloved Warriors good luck as they head to the state semifinals in Columbus.

And head coach, Blane Maddox couldn't be any happier.

"We never been out of the districts here so we just made it a full magical ride on goals of getting out of district, try to win a regional and get to the state. the school hasn't done that in its history and we're excited we get to go today," says Maddox.

The basketball team is thrilled to be a part of the historical journey.

"I mean it feels great, I mean just to make history and just have the community be really proud of us, it means a lot," added Evan Yabs of the Warriors boy's basketball team.

"It's definitely exciting. I think since nobody's really sure what to expect because of new grounds," replied Reece Patton of the Warriors boys basketball team.

"It's exciting of course and all of the support is awesome and I'm just ready to go out there and play hard," Andrew Drayer of the Warriors basketball team said.

One team, one dream is Warren's theme of trying to bring home the big prize.

No matter win or lose, everyone in the community are proud of what the boys accomplished this season.

"It feels great to see all my friends and kids I grew up with playing ball with go to the final four and play. I mean they work hard every single day you know, through the summer, through the fall, staring the spring, it's 365 days a year they work. and they deserve this 100 percent," says Zach Henthorn.

"I think it's exceptional. I know how hard the coaches work, I know how hard the boys work, I know how hard the cheerleaders and everybody else does to support them and when you go into a position where you never been there before, it's really intense," added Health and Physical Education Teacher, Lynn Laing.

The warriors will do their best to add another year on the banner in the rafters.

"Well, we're gonna go up there and represent with class, give it our best shot against tremendous teams with great history in basketball state history for a long long long periods of time. And it's our first time, we're gonna go give it our best shot, we have nothing to lose, and see how it comes out," Maddox said.

The Warriors will take on Lebron James' alma mater, St. Vincent-St. Mary Thursday at 5:15 at the Value City Arena in Columbus.

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