One For The Books

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Aside from elections, there's one other thing that brings people to downtown Parkersburg this time of year.

The annual Trinity Episcopal Church book sale began Monday morning-with thousands of books, videos and music items for sale.
It runs through Saturday, with bigger bargains available as the week goes on.

It's usually a big draw on election day, with voters and even a few political candidates stopping by.

And each year, it gets a lot of repeat business.

"Today is a busy day, and it's busy all week, but as the week goes on, prices come down," says Rob Parrish, who has volunteered for the sale for five years. "A lot of people wait for half-price, all the books you can get for a buck. So you'll see those people over and over."

Half of the proceeds from the sale go to the church, but the rest go to more than a dozen community organizations, including the Red Cross and Old Man Rivers.

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