UPDATE: Man Accused of Pulling Gun on Women Appears in Court

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UPDATE 9/3/2014 4:55 PM

A Parkersburg man admitted to pulling a gun on two women last year.

Russell Traugh is accused of pulling a gun on two women in November, just outside of Red Lobster.

He pleaded guilty to one charge of larceny and received credit for time served.

UPDATE 11/26/2013 12:35 PM

Police say two men pulled a gun on a woman, then stole her purse.

Now one of the suspects is arrested, with others accused of doing drugs.

It happened just after noon Monday.

The Wood County Sheriff's Office says two women were getting in their car at Red Lobster when two men drove up in a truck and pulled a gun on the women, demanding their purses.

The two men then drove off.

Through extensive investigation the sheriff's office began working with the Marietta Police Department, with ideas of one of the men being in the Lafayette Hotel.

Marietta Police were able to find Russell Traugh coming in and out of a hotel room, but that isn't all they found.

They say Traugh also had drug paraphernalia.

And along with him, police say David Smith was found with heroin and he is charged with possession.

They say Whitney Reeder also had a syringe.

Traugh is held on possession of drug abuse instruments and fugitive from justice charges.

He could face more charges in Wood County.

Police arrest a man they say pulled a gun on two women in the Red Lobster parking lot. The second man is still on the run.

It happened just after noon Monday. Wood County Sheriff's Office say two women were leaving a restaurant, George's Place, when they went to get in their car parked at Red Lobster.

They say two men pulled up in a green truck with Pennsylvania plates, pulled a gun, and demanded their purse.

With further investigation deputies contacted the Marietta Police Department with evidence one of the men could be in Marietta. Marietta Police ran surveillance and then arrest the man they believed to be the crook.

Russell Traugh of Parkersburg is arrested for a fugitive from justice warrant. Wood County expects additional charges.

The second suspect remains on the run.

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