UPDATED: Indicted for Stabbing Another, Story From Inside the Jail

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UPDATED: 2/05/13

He admits to stabbing a man, fighting, then leaving but how the fight started is where Ronald Fisher says the story is wrong.

A man indicted for felonious assault says it was all to protect his daughter.

"What I"m saying is I did the crime but there was extenuating circumstances," explains Ronald Fisher.

It all happened in the beginning of January. Assistant Prosecutor Jared Erb says William Williams heard a knock on his door and he opened it to only have a complete stranger stab him in the leg. They say that man was Ronald Fisher.

Erb says Fisher seemed to have been there looking for his daughter's boyfriend, who Fisher believed was with someone else in Williams' home.

Investigators explain the fight continued into the kitchen where others in the apartment saw. They say the fight soon stopped in which Fisher apologized after realizing what he had done, introduced himself, and ran out.

Williams was treated at Marietta Memorial Hospital for a four-inch stab

But Fisher says the night played out differently and says he did what any parent would've done.

He explains his 17-year-old daughter thought her boyfriend was at Williams' home and she asked Fisher to go there with her. Fisher said the two of them and one other person, headed to Williams' home for the two to talk.

"I didn't go there with any malicious intent, as it's been portrayed, I was just there to help support my daughter... because my daughter was going to go regardless, whether I went or not and I'm not going to let her walk into a situation where she doesn't know what's going to happen."

Once there, Fisher says it was actually his daughter who knocked on the door.

"Well my daughter was knocking on the door and this guy, that I didn't even know, he opened up the door, grabbed my daughter by the throat and started punching her. Well I'm a very short man, my daughter is short, I tried punching over top of my daughter to get to him because they were in the doorway and there was no way for me to get around either one of them so I punched around and I couldn't get him. The only thing I could do is I pulled out my knife and I stuck him in his butt."

Then Fisher says he and Williams continued to fist fight that he says didn't last long. He says after realizing what had happened he apologized to Williams and introduced himself.

"I'm actually sorry everything happened, I've apologized to the guy and I apologized to him after it happened. I even told him my name, he didn't know my name."

Fisher says he and Williams were strangers, while he did know others that were in the apartment.
Fisher then says he left the home. He admits to throwing the knife used during the fight but when the Marietta Police found him down the road, he showed them where the knife was. Fisher says he always doing activities outside and always has a knife in his pocket.

"My daughter was attacked by the man and the only thing I was doing was trying to protect my daughter. I did what any parent would've done."

Fisher says another person saw the fight besides his daughter...but doesn't think that person's statement is being taken seriously.

While Fisher knows that is no excuse to stab someone he doesn't believe he's the only one in the wrong and doesn't think he should be the only one facing charges.

"There should be charges. I mean are they saying it's okay to assault a child and not okay for someone to stick up for that child. That's what I don't understand."

He says he has no idea why the Police won't further investigate it or didn't at the time happened.

"We can't even get the officers to talk to me, my daughter, my daughter has been trying to press charges on this guy for like I think six days straight, my daughter and my sister. Why aren't charges filed."

Fisher says he, his daughter, and another person who saw the fight gave statements but he doesn't think that person's statement is being taken seriously. He says there were a few others in the apartment at the time of the fight but they did not come into the room to see it until it was basically over.

The Marietta Police Department says the case is now in the prosecutors hands but they say the incident was fully investigated.

The Assistant Prosecutor Erb says there were a number of witnesses at grand jury, none of which could confirm Fisher's story that the daughter was attacked. Erb also says regardless, it does not excuse him for stabbing someone.

Through the whole thing, Fisher says it's all about his daughter- protecting her and getting out of jail to be with her.

"The whole thing really makes no sense to me. I just want to ask him one question... why... why attack my daughter."

Fisher says he was not under the influence of anything at the time of the fight.

Fisher does explain he had just gotten out of prison for this past summer for trafficking drugs but that he had been clean since. "I tried to get my life straight, actually my life was straight. I had a girlfriend... I had school, I was going to full time, and I loved it. I was trying, doing everything straight and narrow."

UPDATED: 1/09/13 12:00 PM

A man admits to stabbing another Tuesday night in Marietta. The Marietta Police Department says Ronald Fisher stabbed William Williams in the back of the leg.

Officers say around eleven Tuesday night, Williams heard someone banging on his 2nd street apartment door. When he opened the door, police say, Fisher stabbed him with a four inch switch blade. Williams then escaped to the kitchen where Fisher proceeded to punch him.

"They fought going to the kitchen area and were still fighting in the kitchen area. Mr. Williams had told Fisher that he had stabbed him, Fisher first denied that, then after shown blood from the wound, apologized and ran out of the apartment," explains Marietta Police Department's Captain Jeff Waite.

Williams tells Police he had never seen Fisher before that incident. Two others in the house at the time tell police they saw it all happen, one of which said she knew Fisher. "We believe this was over, for a lack of a better term, relationship issue. that someone we believe Mr. Fisher knew might be in the apartment. Mr. Williams did not even know Mr. Fisher. Fisher was identified by someone else in the apartment."

Once police found Fisher, blocks away, they say he admitted to the stabbing and showed them where the knife was. "Fisher did not have the knife on him when he was stopped, however through questioning he took the officers to the 900 block front street to show them where it was laying between two houses."

Fisher was taken to jail for felonious assault, Williams has been release from the hospital.

A late night stabbing in Marietta sends one man to the hospital.

His attacker is taken to the Washington County Jail.

Marietta Police say it happened at an apartment complex on Second Street around 11 last night.

They say Ronald Fisher stabbed a man and he was taken to the hospital.

The victim has since been released.

Fisher was arrested for felonious assault.

Police say the investigation is ongoing.

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