One Step Closer To The New Armory

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WVUP is one step closer to a new National Guard Armory.

The college's Board of Governors held a meeting Wednesday night to bring the county commissioners up to speed on the status of the new Readiness Center on campus.

They're currently in the process of having the architects draw up some plans for the facility.

The Readiness Center which can seat up to 3500, will be used for trade shows and other large gathering events.

"The unique part about this is the partnership WVUP has with the guard to provide educational services to the guard and make access to the those services and classes and programs real easy for us here," says Joe Campbell of the WVUP Board of Governors.

Board members say the total cost of the building the facility's public portion is around $13,000,000.

WVUP will have to come up with additional funds for the remaining parts of the Readiness Center to be done.

The building of the new National Guard facility will take up to two years to be completed.

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