One Warrant, Six Arrest

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The Washington County Major Crimes Task Force execute a search warrant early Tuesday morning with six leaving in handcuffs.

Sheriff Larry Mincks says the warrant was executed at 1110 Moody Ridge Road in Vincent. He says Agents have been watching the house for months and noticed a change in activity that evening.

They say it was the home of 35 year old Michael Richards, which they believe to be one of the county's largest dealers of heroin. He was arrested for possession of heroin in an amount of 5 grams, a third degree felony. He is held with a $15,000 bond.

Also arrested, 24-year old Marietta man, Eric Siders for possession of heroin, an F5. He's held on a $5,000 bond.
Joining him, Chelsie M. Cochran, age 19 of Marietta, for possession of heroin (F5), $2,500 bond.
Shawn J. Sims, age 22 of Reedsville, for tampering with evidence (F3), $5,000 bond.
Ali R. Martin, age 23 of Marietta, for possession of drug abuse instruments (M2), $1,500 bond.
Heather D. Thompson, age 24 of Marietta, for disorderly conduct - cease and desist (M4), $500 bond.
There were two others in the house that were not arrested.

Sheriff Mincks says when agents arrived at the house they saw what seemed to be Cochran and Siders preparing heroin with a loaded syringe and a spoon.

Investigators say Richards admitted to going to Columbus to pick up the heroin and said the bags found were his.

While executing the warrant, officers say Martin arrived and they found instruments commonly used to inject heroin in her vehicle.

Agents also seized a television they believed to be from a recent burglary and also a truck and ATV they believe to have been paid to Richards for drug debt.

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