Operation Scam Jam

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Scammers try to hit everyone in the pocketbook but seniors seem to be hit the hardest.

AARP hosted an event Tuesday aimed at educating everyone on how to be financially smarter.

Scams were certainly part of that.

And participants were told they can come in all forms, from investments to fake charities.

The conference included members of the State Senior Medicare Patrol, the Federal Trade Commission, financial experts and four of the state's elected officials.

One point participants made is that scam artists like to take advantage of people who, regardless of age, like to help others.

"I think West Virginians on the whole are a courteous group, they are willing to help out their fellow man, and they're trusting," says Gaylene Miller, AARP WV State Director. "So, I think in all instances, that makes us a bigger target."

This week is Money Smart Week in West Virginia.

It's a multi-state public awareness campaign to let consumers know where they can get help to improve and preserve their personal finances.

More than 150 people signed up to attend Tuesday's financial education event.

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