Outdoor Heaven Update

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Outdoor Heaven will bring jobs and tourists to the area like never before. With the oil and gas industry moving into the area, it will give people a place to spend their money.

"Our project with Ohio Outdoor Heaven, we are trying to make sure we can bring a lot of jobs here, especially in the service industry since we are global, and I believe that tourism right here will make a lot of money and with the fracking and the oil boom, money will be earned and money needs to be spent," said Wei Sheng, Outdoor Heaven Developer.

The adventure park is be called Outdoor Heaven. A place where people can go to enjoy fun activities outdoors and even attend large events in a 10,000 seat amphitheater.

Developer Sheng says there is an update in the plans. They now have an architect's design of the amphitheater, Knievel museum and a 500 room hotel.

Sheng has investor's currently looking at the project. The land is located on 102 acres off Ardens Ridge Road between State Route 821 and State Route 60.

Marietta Mayor Joe Matthews says there is nothing in the area like this and it will bring people from West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Kentucky. He says Outdoor Heaven is a wonderful development in the works.

"Oh very much so, anything you can bring for development I love because with the fracking that is going on and the new motels being built and everything, it's a win win for Marietta," said Mayor Matthews.

Developers say there will be a lake for fishing, rock climbing wall and a zip line. There will also be a shooting range, where guns will be sold and people can practice shooting.

Developers are also looking at bringing in a big brand store such as L.L. Bean to go up in the area. There will be a place for campers, lodges and a hotel.

"So I think with our events for entertainment, for service, for our project, what we are doing, it all makes sense and it is going to come together very well," said Sheng.

Sheng says they hope to break ground in two months.

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