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Today every gift dollar stretches further with the "Give Local America" campaign.

The Parkersburg Area Community Foundation is sponsoring "Give Local MOV" to encourage giving right here at home.

They're partnering with 38 local organizations to make a difference.

Executive Director Judy Sjostedt says to help your favorite charity have a piece of the $41,500 in matching funds as part of the campaign, go to the hot button at our web channel, the before 11:59 tonight.

“11:59 tonight the program's over and we'll be distributing the monies to the different organizations shortly thereafter,” she says. “Whatever they raise during this online campaign will be distributed to them for their immediate needs.”

According to Sjostedt, the Foundation has a piece of the match, $20,000 that they're matching gifts of every $100 or more up to a maximum of $600 to the organizations for their permanent funds, as a part of PACFs 50th anniversary last year.

Each of the participating organizations has something specific they want to do with the donation.

For example, the Parkersburg Art Center is working on another kiln for their clay lab -- so when you give where you live, you know where it goes.

As of midnight, the leader board was at $75,000.

Overall it was a $115,000 day of giving for the Valley, between challenge match funds and prize incentives for participating non-profit partners.

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