UPDATE: Railroad Tanker Chemical Leak in Parkersburg

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The Parkersburg Fire Department has given the all clear involving a reported chemical leak in Parkersburg.

Authorities say the leak was reported to be coming from a railroad tanker off of 12th Street and Garfield Avenue Thursday night.

Upon arrival the fire department discovered the tank was empty, but releasing a small amount of vapor.

Officials say public safety was never in danger.

A CSX Hazardous Material team is on their way to fix a bad valve in the tanker.
Authorities are on the scene of a suspected chemical leak in Parkersburg

The Wood County 911 Dispatch Center says they have reason to believe an unknown chemical had been leaking from a railroad tanker.

The Parkersburg Fire Department is currently on the scene at 12th Street and Garfield Avenue in Parkersburg.

Authorities say they are unaware of the amount of the leak.

No one is being evacuated from the area at this time.

We will keep you updated with the latest.

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