PHS A Capella Choir Dedicates Tree To Newtown Victims

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Students at Parkersburg High School were touched by the tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut. The A Capella choir wanted to give the grieving community the gift of song.

"Just to know kids lives were taken so close to Christmas. It's hard," Rebecca Cooper, PHS student says.

For families in Newtown, Connecticut, it's not going to get any easier this Christmas.

"I hope they know there's people out there that were actually upset and it's not just them and it's not just the victims and the families, that everybodys hearts go out to them," another student, Laken Rummer says.

And students at Parkersburg High School are showing their support by donating a tree. Decorated with 26 green and white ribbons, it honors the Sandy Hook Elementary victims.

"We immediately felt the pain and the hurt being in our school, hearing the news, working on beautiful Christmas music that spoke the very theme that would touch many lives and that was the theme of peace throughout a hurting world," explains PHS A Capella Choir Director, Pam McClain.

While this may be a gift small in size, the Parkersburg High School A Capella Choir wanted to give an even bigger gift to the Newtown community, and that gift, is the gift of song."

"We really wanted to somehow contribute and pay tribute to those lives who were singing with the angels. So we sang over this tree," McClain adds.

"Whenever we're singing the songs, I don't just feel connected to those who have passed away, I also feel connected to the whole community. I felt like together we could get through it and be together through them and live in honor of them," Emily Cramer, PHS student says.

The school has been in contact with Newtown and is making plans to send the tree there.

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