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It's long been a source of pride for Parkersburg and people want it to continue that way. So Pickering Associates is doing everything they can to open Stadium Field on September 20.

When it comes to maintenance and inspections, all the regulatory agencies are on board, including the state fire marshal.

"On top of that, we're going to be given a schedule of inspection and types of things that we should be looking for from the engineering firm,” says Mike Fling, assistant superintendent of Wood County Schools.

Things like...

"Any type of distress with concrete or anything that's not sealing properly; other than that there are no specifics at this point,” Fling says.

The stadium opened in the Jazz Age, a time of dramatic social and political change.

"It was the first of its kind in the state of West Virginia -- a concrete stadium,” Fling says. “So honestly, we've kind of outlived its life already."

With a storied history dating back to 1920, when Stadium Field renovations are complete it'll be new and improved.

According to Fling, some repairs that the Stadium Committee made over the years extended its life, but it's time we resume a more thorough renovation.

It will be a legacy to be sure.

"For a lot of these people who have been involved in the renovation project that the stadium was completed with such grandeur,” Fling says. “The finished product will be something to see."

Construction technology of today is far advanced from even just 20 years ago.

"When the last work was done, so we feel like we've now gotten the stadium. When it's completed, it should last us another 50 to 60 years,” Fling says.

Weatherproof materials, adding sealant to the concrete and a fresh new coat of paint are just some of the steps being taken to preserve the work being done.

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