PHS Bleachers Discussed At The Board Of Education Meeting

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Wood County Board of Education members plan getting the bleachers at Stadium Field fixed as quickly as possible.

That was one of the topics at Wednesday's meeting.

Faculty, staff and members of the stadium committee from Parkersburg High School were on hand Wednesday at the board of education meeting.

They expressed their concerns to the school board about the stadium and how much it really means to the community.

Superintendent, Dr. Patrick Law, says the board is going to advertise for an architect firm to handle all the needs of the stadium construction.

"The key is going to be to get an engineering firm in here that's going to do an honest study on it. And I say honest study because I have some reservations and concerns when it comes to the fact that you tie engineering firm with architectural firm," says Parkersburg High School Stadium Committee Founding Member, Mike Hayden.

Stadium Field doesn't only house Big Reds' athletics but also the Parkersburg Catholic football and middle school football playoffs to name a few.

Last year, the stadium hosted 95 events that didn't involved teams or athletes from PHS.

Still no word on when the bleachers will be fixed.

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