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They found themselves in Boston not just for a national competition, but also in the aftermath of the marathon terror attack.

Parkersburg High School Choir took home a national title and a greater understanding of community and country.

"Just being able to bring West Virginia to Boston was amazing," says senior Carter Rice.

A trip to Boston takes on new meaning.

"We had planned to sing in Boston and compete in Boston many, many months ago and made these arrangements, of course not knowing the events would happen so close to our departure,” says Choir Director Pam McClain. They came back with an education and a knowledge that they had touched lives in a special way that only music can."

One student was honored to win gold with the choir, but lending her voice to a city in pain meant that much more.

"It actually felt really great; a lot of people were really emotional when we sang to them and that felt really special,” says Sarah Showalter, a senior. “It brought tears to people's eyes and it was really nice to do be able to do that service for the community there."

From tragedy to triumph, PHS A Capella Choir wins gold and touches lives in the process.

"Being that it's my senior year, it felt really good with all the hard work that we put in, the practices and all the hard work that the choir as a whole put in,” says senior Wes Azinger.

Rice calls Boston a great city, filled with culture and history. He was glad to be there in their time of need.

"After the tragic thing that happened, being able to bring our voices and bring the warm spirit that we can bring with the white robes; it's just -- it was amazing," he says.

McClain says her students are an inspiration.

"Could never be more proud,” she says. “They represent the best of what high school students have to offer and they represented our school with pride and they sang with such intensity, with such beauty."

This isn't the choir's first brush with success...

Last year, the talented group of teens brought home a national title and perfect scores.

Congratulations on another great year.

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