PHS Stadium Bracelets

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Her love for Parkersburg High School runs deep. Margaret Reeves watched all five of her children graduate from the school and now spends her Friday’s cheering on her son Don as he coached the Big Reds football team to victory.

But without bleachers she can't cheer him on -- so she's teamed up with her church to lend a helping hand.

"We all love PHS," Reeves says.

Vienna Baptist Church crafters came up with a novel idea to support the stadium renovation, parachute cord bracelets.

"I was at Craft 2000 and saw the bracelets and decided to just try to make some in the red and white," Reeves says.

Word spread and broad interest spells more funds.

"The kids loved 'em and started asking for 'em so we started supplying them," Reeves says.

From current students to former students, everyone is showing loyalty to their Alma Mater.

Reeves says people who graduated from PHS want to help support the stadium and also give money back to the community.

Those with the decision making power back the project too.

"The Stadium Committee is all for it and have been recommending these bracelets to anyone who would like one," Reeves says.

Every little bit counts toward a shared purpose.

"The ultimate goal is just to raise enough money as we can for the stadium," Reeves says. "If everybody chips in and helps a little then we'll have the money that we need."

If you want your own bracelet, the PHS office and field house have them for eight dollars. So far they've raised $1,000 for The Stadium Committee.

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